18 Things You Never Realized Are Slowly Destroying Your Relationship

A Posted 7 months ago
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Are you slowly destroying your relationship?

1. You don’t express yourself whenever you’re feeling upset.

Communication is always important in a relationship. If you feel upset, you should always be honest enough to make that admission. You should trust that your partner is mature enough to want to actually discuss things with you even if it’s difficult. 

2. You spy on your partner and you invade your partner’s privacy.

You should always learn to respect one another’s privacy. You have to be able to trust each other. You can’t be browsing through your partner’s call and message history and expect things to be okay. 

3. You would rather look at your phone than at your partner on a date.

You’re on a date with the person you love most in the world. Stop looking at your phone and live in the moment. You will have plenty of time to check your social media feeds and respond to your messages later on. 

4. You make your partner shell out the cash every single time.

Your relationship should never be parasitic in nature. Yes, while it is nice for you to pay for your partner, there should still be a give-and-take. It can’t always be one-sided in a relationship. It’s always going to be a two-way street. 

5. You give in to your partner’s sexual advances even when you’re not up for it.

You should never have to feel compelled to always say yes to your partner. That’s just brewing up to be an unhealthy relationship. You should be able to say no when you want to say no. 

6. You spend every single waking moment together.

Don’t spend every single second of the day together. You should both still have your individual lives even if you’re in a relationship with one another. Also, it’s true when they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. 

7. You rarely spend any time with each other at all. 

Are you even a couple? On the other side of the coin, just because you shouldn’t be spending all your time with each other doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be spending time with each other at all. You should make it a point to strike a healthy balance in that aspect.

8. You manipulate your partner to bending at your will.

There should be no room for manipulation in any relationship. You should both be acting on your own individual devices. You can’t be manipulating each other and treating one another like tools or objects. 

9. You control who your partner gets to spend time with.

Don’t be so controlling. Your partner has a fully functional mind that is capable of operating on its own. You can’t bar your partner from hanging out with people just because it makes you uncomfortable. However, you can talk things out and find a compromise.