19 Signs you’re actually introverted, and not shy

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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A lot of people around me always tend to make the mistake of perceiving an introverted as someone who’s shy. Although it’s true that an introvert can also be shy, but that is not a defining characteristic for all introverts. Introverts are people who feel energized and happy when they are alone, and feel drained when they are around other people for a long time.

Some introverts do still enjoy the company of small groups of people who they already know and feel comfortable with. But even then, they need to have their alone time in order to get recharged.

It’s not uncommon for introverts to be misunderstood by most people. They love to think and explore their own feelings and thoughts, but this attitude often comes across as shy, reclusive, or even depressed at times. If you haven’t been able to identify the kind of personality you really have yet, then read these 19 signs below to recognize that you’re actually an introvert, and not shy:

  1. You’re a creative person

Introverts usually tend to be extremely creative. They have the ability to absorb any information they receive and then create something meaningful out of it.

  1. You’re a good listener

Most introverts have this quality. They actually listen to what is being said and then take their time to process it, rather than responding without even thinking. They wish to understand and truly add value to the conversation.

Naturally, these people also know how to appreciate the ones who truly listen to them. And they easily get annoyed by people who only pretend and then respond without thinking. - Continue reading on next page