19 Things A True Gentleman Does Differently

A Posted 9 months ago
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Chivalry is not dead. The art of the gentleman is very much alive and kicking. There are still some true blue gentlemen out there who are keeping the noble tradition of genuine manliness alive. So what exactly constitutes a gentleman? Well, since the art of being a gentleman originated from ancient practices of knighthood, some of the principles of the old art form share similar values. Being a gentleman, much like being a knight, means a zeal for protecting those who are weak and defenseless. It means practicing utmost honesty and showing lots of compassion and empathy for others. In the modern times, the art of being a gentleman can be exhibited in the following ways:

1. Holding doors for women.

Men should always make the effort to hold the doors open for women. It isn’t because women are incapable of pushing doors open on their own, but rather a gesture of appreciation for a woman’s character and poise.

2. Practicing honesty.

Real gentlemen never tell lies. The finest gentlemen of the world are not in the game of deceiving people for personal gain. They never feel comfortable with manipulating people with lies and deception.

3. Protecting the defenseless.

A modern day gentleman has no problem with offering a helpful hand to those who are in need. Whether it be through charitable acts or friendly gestures, a true gentleman is always looking out for the little guy.

4. Offering his arm to a woman when walking.

A true gentleman will never leave a woman to walk alone. A real gentleman will offer his arm to a woman as a gesture of solidarity and togetherness. It also exhibits intimacy and affection for the woman.

5. Practicing punctuality.

A well-groomed gentleman is someone who is never late. Whether it concerns the meeting of important deadlines or the prompt arrival at gatherings and parties, a real gentleman understands that time is of utmost importance. Being late means that you don’t value your time nor the time of others.

6. Walking closer to the curb.

When walking on the sidewalk, a gentleman will always make sure that he is the one who walks closest to the curb. This is a defense mechanism so as to protect the women from the dangers and risks involved in walking along the vulnerable part of the sidewalk.