2 Things Happen when he holds you or hugs you. Understand the magic!

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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Among the many cravings in a relationship, embraces by your lover are the most wanted ones. Both the partners like it equally; being so close to them that you can feel their skin on yours and the warmth of their body; it is a lovely feeling, indeed. The picture of two people embracing each other is ever so comforting for both the eyes and the heart. When you look at such a picture, you just want to keep looking at it forever, and stay in the perfect world that an embrace creates around it for a finite period of time. That very depiction of closeness makes you wish for eternal happiness and love for the two people and you cannot hold yourself from wanting the same for yourself.

Magic happens when a guy embraces his girl. That embrace may last only for some moments but the magic it blossoms stays in the air and around for long. There cannot be a better way to express your love to a person; embracing them says it all. Even if your feelings are unsaid and you are trying to hold it in for some reason, you embracing her will say it. It is a language understood by every emotional being. Love is in its most innocent and purest form when a guy embraces his girl. Something incredible happens when he does so, something that is far away from logic and reasoning, something that you and I cannot explain, something that no one but only the two people embracing can understand, and something that makes them want more of it.

It is undeniable that you love his breath on your neck and his fingers among yours. Intimacy, happiness and comfort are some beautiful elements by which embraces are adorned and embraces, themselves, are the most subtle and soothing way of telling someone that they mean the world to you. That ‘incredible’ something that happens when a guy embraces a girl is indescribable and can only be felt, no matter how hard you try to tell your friend how it felt when he hugged you from behind. You will always feel his hands covering you when you will talk about it and you will always fail to explain to her how it exactly felt. You will be all smiles and your cheeks will blush of all the reminders and remainders of that embrace. Then again, your friend won’t ask more because the language of love and embrace is a language understood by every emotional being.  *Continue reading to next page*