20 Habits That Can Ruin Your Relationship

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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We all make mistakes and do things we should not have done, that is what makes us human.

But sometimes, there is no room for mistakes as they can cause serious damage. In a relationship, our actions and habits greatly affect the status of our relationship therefore it is important we keep a check on the bad and the good habits before it’s too late. There are some bad habits that people have in relationship that more often than not make them suffer in the future, here are some of them.

  1. Take the family too hard:

Whatever you do, do not let his or her parents get into your head. As long as the love between you two is real and they are satisfied, parents’ problems regarding your relationship should be a secondary matter. Do consider their opinion but do not let it get between you and him/her. Try to learn the balance between that fam and this fam because you’ve got to take both along; letting the two play with your mind is not going to help.

  1. Trying to make them sh*t glitter:

STOP trying to make your partner the ‘perfect’ partner because there is nothing like a perfect person.

It’s a bad habit if you are always telling them to improve themselves without ever appreciating them enough. Accept them as they are because, to remind you, that’s what you signed up for in the first place. Not only will this habit of yours annoy them but also it won’t do any good to your relationship at all.

  1. Immaturity:

Not knowing when to say what and when to do what can make them pull away from you. For instance, if they tell you something bad they did in a public place and you are not happy upon hearing it, save the yelling and cussing for later instead of embarrassing them and yourself in front of the whole world. If you really want to keep the relationship, do that. If not then go on calling them names on the zebra crossing, nobody cares. - Continue reading on next page