20 warning signs of an emotionally abusive relationship

A Posted 3 years ago
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Abuse of any kind, coming from any one should be intolerable. As opposed to physical abuse; the consequences of which are visible to everyone, emotional abuse tends to go unnoticed. There is an equally good chance of you being either on the receiving or the delivering end, when it comes to emotional abuse. To make matters worse, you might be oblivious to the situation. It has a detrimental influence on your personality; as it eats away at your self-respect and poise bit by bit. It is one thing to be unaware of the issue, but many people knowingly allow themselves to be tortured emotionally in the name of love. Don’t let yourself be manipulated. We need to understand that love does require great sacrifice, but it should never be in the form of your self-worth.

Here are a few warning signs that you need to acknowledge as emotional abuse;

  1. Public shaming

Not that it’s acceptable to degrade someone in private; but it’s even worse to do it publicly; especially if it’s coming from your partner. Its one thing to point out your mistakes or short comings but to insult you for them is entirely wrong and disrespectful. The damage it does to your personality intensifies with an increase in audience. The outcomes may include low self-esteem, distancing yourself from people, depression and a lot more.

  1. The constant disapproval

Nothing you ever do is good enough for them; even when it does not involve them. They will find flaws in everything and make them up where they find none. This unhealthy habit of your partner makes you question everything you do, even when you’re doing it right. Even if you try doing things differently, they’d still find faults in your ways. It is impossible to please such a person, and in the pursuit of their approval, one often loses their sense of self-worth.