21 Moments in a Relationship that Prove You Are TOTALLY a Couple

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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You are THE couple.

Relationships have these little spontaneous cheesy moments that are awfully ridiculous but are also those that make you realize how badly you love and are used to that person.

We are sure you can relate to most of them if you have/had the element of comfort with your partner in the relationship.

  1. Silly Arguments:

That moment when you two actually fight over things as small as pillows and keys and who loves who more; you actually fight to prove that you love them more than they do when you already know that there is no competition and the reason why you are continuing with the silly argument is not known to either of you.

  1. Enjoying Procrastinating:

When you two just sit on the couch doing nothing and enjoying it together. You give them this expression that says, “I love you for being useless with me in this moment” and their face goes like, “me too”. You love doing nothing with them because they make you feel proud of it.

  1. Totally Random Thoughts:

When you are walking on the street or doing some work and a memory of something funny that happened or you did with them pops up in your mind and you uncontrollably laugh out loud, getting everyone’s attention. You may feel embarrassed that very moment but you know you are going to laugh again.

  1. Keep Going:

You text them and you tell them about the funny thing that you can’t stop laughing about, because you want them to laugh with you. And when you are done talking about that funny thing, you try to keep the conversation going because you just love feeling their presence around you.