21 realistic New Year resolutions every man and woman should strive for

SB Posted 2 years ago
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A new year is a great time to filter all the wrongs out of your life and bring changes for the good. The most practical way is to start with small achievable goals. Small or big, an achievement is an achievement. It gives your ego a boost once you get used to the feeling of accomplishment you will strive hard to get the best for yourself. Remember these resolutions are for you!

  1. Stick to the resolution

The first part of your resolution should be to stick with the resolution no matter what. Keep your goals simple and keep your mind clear start with a, I can do it! Once you have done a few, you yourself would be eager to finish the list.

  1. Do a little something extra for yourself

You need to know and acknowledge that you are important. Give yourself a treat; go to a Spa get a massage, buy yourself a dress or a pair of shoes, get a haircut style your hair do anything that makes you feel good. This will give you the kind of boost you need to get through the rest of the list!

  1. Quit an addiction

I will not ask you to quit a serious addiction like smoking or drinking, because that would be nearly impossible. I have an eating addiction and obviously I cannot quit my addiction right away I don’t have the determination it would take. So I sat down and made a list of things that are really fattening and I cannot keep away from. I decided that I am going to quit drinking coke.