23 small ways to know if someone actually loves you

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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The signs are all in there!

All the movies we watch, the romantic novels we read and the love stories we’ve heard lead us into believing that love should be something magnificent, something big. So we set out to search for it in grand romantic gestures. We look out for it in wild and open declarations of love. And we hope to find some sort of proof just staring us in the face that we’re the only one they’ll ever want. And in this unreasonable quest, we forget to find love and happiness in the small things, the things that actually matter and the things that are the real proof of how much you mean to this person.

So if you really want to be sure of whether your partner loves you, stop waiting for your life to start looking like a movie and look out for these small signs of true love:

1. Their behavior around you is the same as their behavior around their friends.

2. When you’re sick or busy or just not able to function properly for any reason, they’ll go above and beyond just to take care of you, to make sure you’ve had your complete meals and to take some load off you in any way possible. And everything they’ll do will be from the heart. They won’t do it as some sort of unwanted obligation.

3. If they feel like you’re being irrational about something, they won’t be scared to stop you from it. And they’ll do it because they really care, and without passing any judgement.

4. They don’t start panicking and going crazy if you forget to reply to a text or a call. They understand that you can be busy at times and that doesn’t leave them feeling insecure.

5. But that doesn’t mean they’ll keep waiting for you to text or call first. If they really want to talk, they’ll let you know through a simple ‘I miss you’ without letting their ego come in the way.

6. You’re surprised at how they always remember every single thing you’ve told them, whether it’s to wish you good luck about the meeting you mentioned weeks ago or to know when your grandmother’s birthday is.

7. They’ll bring you your favorite chocolate every time they take a trip to the store. Why? No reason. They just like seeing the excitement on your face.

8. They respect the fact that you don’t need to spend every waking minute of your life together just because you’re a couple. They always know when to give you your complete personal space and alone time.

9. If they’ve done something wrong, they’re strong enough to accept their mistake and give you a sincere apology. You won’t feel like they’re giving you a half-hearted sorry just to get it over with.

10. They ask you for permission before stealing one of your fries but you know they’ll never question you when you steal one of theirs without asking.

11. If a big opportunity comes up in your life which can potentially affect your relationship negatively, they won’t just straight out stop you from doing it. They’ll work with you to reach a mid-way that can keep both of you happy and content. This is how you learn to compromise. Similarly, if something big happens in their life, they’ll always consult you to work around it.

12. They know the chore you hate doing so they’ll just agree to do it themselves (without letting you know how much they hate it too) 

13. They respect you for all your views and opinions, whether these completely match with theirs or not.

14. They’re well aware of that one insane obsession you have with a certain celebrity/TV show/clothing line and they’ll never judge you for it (no matter what crazy things this obsession has made you do)

15. At night, when you keep stealing the covers off of them, don’t think they don’t notice. They just care more about you being comfortable.

16. The little moments of affection and excitement - the hands you hold under the table, the inside jokes you share, the spontaneous walks at night and that look across the room that no one else notices - are the things that matter most to them.

17. But they’re not afraid of some occasional PDA either. They’ll kiss you in public when you least expect it. They’ll post a picture on Instagram with a caption about how much they love you. And they’ll put their arm around you just to be a little closer.

18. They’ll give you the last bite of their favorite sandwich. (Even though they’re the last person to share food with anyone)

19. You don’t remember the last time they asked for something from you but you can recall a thousand times when they were trying to do something for you.

20. No matter how many times you’ll tell them that you don’t want anything for your birthday or that you don’t want it to be a big deal, they’ll still make sure that it turns out to be one of the most special days of the year for you.

21. They will listen to all your rants about the issues you’re facing with your friends and family but after you’ve said it all, they won’t simply agree with you. They’ll make you understand how you should try and make your relationship right because they know that no matter how angry you are, you still need these people by your side to stay happy in life.

22. If they’re in a bad phase of their life, they won’t ever burden you and expect you to take complete charge for them all the time but they won’t shut you out either. They’ll let you know about the problems they’re facing and they’ll accept the help that you’re willing to give, while constantly telling you how thankful they are.

23. They’re not scared to let you know they love you, to tell you how much you mean to them, and to tell you that they can’t imagine a life without you. And it won’t matter if they’re telling you this for the first time or the millionth time. Every time they’ll say it, it will sound as honest and real as the very first time. Every time they’ll say it, it will send butterflies down your stomach. And every time they’ll say it, you’ll feel like there’s no one else you’d rather hear this from.

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