24 Perfectly Useful Beauty Hacks For Makeup, Hair, Manicure and Skin

Z Posted 2 years ago
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To be honest, we have all tried countless easy beauty tricks at home without telling anyone and they are the secret behind our flawless and on-point look, at times. Feel no shame in sharing them as you might help your fellow beauties in looking fabulous.

I have tried here to share some of my beauty tricks that I really find useful. I hope you do too!

For Makeup:

1. Eye-pencil Management:

Before you go on to sharpening your eye pencil, put it in the fridge for a few minutes. This will prevent it from totally crumbling when you sharpen it. You must know how an eye-pencil crumbles off while sharpening it if it has been put in high temperature. The fridge hack is totally helpful and prolongs the life of an eye-pencil.

2. Perfect Eyeliner:

Oh, the struggle. Take it easy. Draw the outlines finely, don’t rush for filling them up. As soon as you are done outlining the shape you want, fill it in. First, decide the kind of wing you want to have, draw its outer design and then go for filling it. There, no more re-applying!

3. Mix for a Classy Look:

I suggest mixing up bright colors like green and blue with cream and brown color. Simple dark or dull colors often don’t do the trick. Combinations look great and give a completely new look. They give a shiny yet classy look which would do for both evening and night parties.

4. Eye-makeup Remover:

Coconut oil is a great eye-makeup remover. Apply some on a cotton pad and rub gently on your eyes. No more rubbing your eyes violently to take the colors off and no red eyes after the removal. Just pick some oil and cotton pads and get started. Be careful and make sure it does not get in contact with the sensitive parts of the eye.

5. For Better Lip shade:

Coat your lips with a translucent powder before applying lipstick, it will hold on the shade for a longer time. This is a great hack if your lip shade fades away quickly. The powder hack can also come in handy for a matt look.