25 rituals that will make your relationship last a lifetime

A Posted 2 years ago
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People these days think relationships are all about the social side of things, of how "cool" other people think the two of them are together and how the rest of the world perceives them. It's not like that, relationships are solely about two people regardless of what society thinks or makes of them because it's their own lives at the end of the day. This piece is going to be about simple rituals, simple ways of living that people need to adapt in order to keep a healthy and balanced relationship and to also make it last long. This is for the people who seek a serious future with their partners and are willing to do anything and everything to make it work. Let's begin.

25. Don't limit the number of chances you give each other

People make mistakes, it is only human to make mistakes and it is also human to forgive those mistakes. Don't ever be the person to take away the chances from your partner, they will make mistakes just like you and they too deserve chances to make things right and to work harder for the relationship and for your collective future.

24. Don't expect a walk in the park

Even the happiest of relationships aren't a walk in the park, every good relationship has a lot of ups and downs and it's natural. Some people think that just because they're facing a lot of problems, maybe that relationship isn't for them. That's not the case, nothing good in life comes easy. If it's not worth fighting for, it's not worth it at all.

23. Forget the rest of the world

If you let the world make your decisions, you won't have a life of your own to live, you'll solely be a puppet of society and the norms it follows. Do NOT listen to the world and what it has to say about you and your partner. Be content with your partner, be as happy and as sad as you want to be with your partner without the fear of being judged by others. It's your life, start owning it.

22. Accept your mistakes

Like I said before, it's only human to make mistakes. And it is completely okay to accept those mistakes, it's actually advised that you accept your mistakes rather than running around them and make up stories or to eventually lie about it, just be clean and simple about your actions with your partner. Relationships work best when there is complete transparency between two people, and acceptance of mistakes is something that makes it that much more transparent.

21. Forgive more often

Forgiveness is a virtue not everyone can master. It takes a lot of strength to forgive someone and to forget their mistakes, but it's the way of nature if you want to move on with your lives happily. Learn to forgive your partner for their mistakes, imagine yourself in that situation and imagine how helpless they feel, would you let your partner feel that way? I don't think so. Forgive and forget. Live and let live.

20. Trust, trust and more trust

A strong level of trust is the building block of every relationship, it's one of the major pillars on which a relationship stands on. Build as much trust as possible between the two of you. Be completely open about your past, expose your weird sides to them and don't hesitate to admit to any wrongdoing. A strong level of trust is what takes two people from "just a couple" to "a healthy couple".