25 rituals that will make your relationship last a lifetime

A Posted 2 years ago
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People these days think relationships are all about the social side of things, of how "cool" other people think the two of them are together and how the rest of the world perceives them. It's not like that, relationships are solely about two people regardless of what society thinks or makes of them because it's their own lives at the end of the day. This piece is going to be about simple rituals, simple ways of living that people need to adapt in order to keep a healthy and balanced relationship and to also make it last long. This is for the people who seek a serious future with their partners and are willing to do anything and everything to make it work. Let's begin.

25. Don't limit the number of chances you give each other

People make mistakes, it is only human to make mistakes and it is also human to forgive those mistakes. Don't ever be the person to take away the chances from your partner, they will make mistakes just like you and they too deserve chances to make things right and to work harder for the relationship and for your collective future.

24. Don't expect a walk in the park

Even the happiest of relationships aren't a walk in the park, every good relationship has a lot of ups and downs and it's natural. Some people think that just because they're facing a lot of problems, maybe that relationship isn't for them. That's not the case, nothing good in life comes easy. If it's not worth fighting for, it's not worth it at all.