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  • 25 Signs it’s time to Quit worrying, Because He’s Obviously Never Going to Cheat on You


    If you’re one of those people who are in a constant battle with themselves about their boyfriend cheating on them (when he’s really not), this is for you:

    1. You don’t feel the need to keep bombarding him with questions on where he’s heading or who he’s going to meet every time he goes out of the house. He makes sure you know all of this before you even get the chance to ask. 
    1. Every time a girl’s name comes up on his phone screen, you’re aware of exactly who she is, because he has already mentioned her before. You don’t keep any secrets from each other. 
    1. In fact, if you ever felt like going through his phone, you could! You know all his passcodes and he feels no problem in leaving it lying around when he goes to shower. He never acts protective of his phone, because he doesn’t have anything to hide. 
    1. He has even given you the password to his Facebook and his email. So if you ever feet like snooping around, you can! He can never hide things from you, even if he wanted to.
    1. You’ve never seen him flirting with other girls. And it’s very rare for you to catch him staring at the waitress’s breasts or your friend’s ass. 
    1. He has never been caught in a lie with you. You never feel the need to question a single word that comes out of his mouth, because none of it has ever sounded sketchy. As far as you have experienced, he has always been completely honest with you.
    1. If you ever let him know that something he’s been doing makes you feel uncomfortable, he will immediately change his behavior in order to fix the situation. He always does everything he can to ensure that you’re happy. 
    1. Even in the times when he’s wasted, he really knows how to control himself. He has never ended up doing anything reckless or anything that he’ll regret in the morning. 
    1. None of his best friends or parents has been a cheater. The people you’re closest to always impact you the most. And if they’re all faithful, then there’s a higher probability that he will be, as well. 
    1. If you’re having problems in the relationship, he always comes to you and tries to work things out instead of texting his ex or drinking extensively.
    1. You share a healthy sex life with him. You both remain open to trying out new ideas and you always ensure that each of you completely satisfies the other. 
    1. You’ve never seen him comparing you to other women or making comments about how you would look sexier if you got a boob job. 
    1. He is happy and content with himself. He has high self-esteem and he doesn’t require the approval of other women just to feel fulfilled. 
    1. His attitude has remained consistent. He didn’t suddenly stop saying “I love you” or suddenly started buying you expensive gifts for no obvious reason. 
    1. He discusses the future in a way that makes you feel like there’s no way in hell he’ll even think about screwing this relationship and losing you forever. 
    1. He has mentioned how he has no respect at all for cheaters, and you can see that he really means it. You can see that he would never end up becoming one of them. 
    1. He has never cheated on any of the girls that came before you, even in the times when they treated him like total crap. He made sure he broke up with them before moving on to the next girl.
    1. Even your closest friend- the one who has always been extremely protective of you and closely examines every guy you date- believes that he’s a nice guy and that you can trust him.
    1. He has never accused you of cheating on him. He trusts you completely, because he has assumed that you’re just as faithful as he is. 
    1. You’ve never seen him liking a half-naked girl’s photo on Instagram or Facebook. In fact, he uses social media very rarely. He would prefer having a conversation with instead of aimlessly scrolling through his phone.
    1. He is always honest about the porn he’s watching. He won’t pretend like he has never seen an adult video before. He will even allow you to go through his browser history, because he doesn’t have anything to be ashamed of.
    1. He always gets home on time. He has never had any unexplainable charges on his credit card. He’s completely clean. 
    1. He always acts selfless. He places you first, because he cares more about your happiness than his own. 
    1. Your instincts keep telling you to trust him. So does your heart. And your mind.
    1. You don’t feel like you’re fooling yourself. You don’t feel like you’re forcing yourself to trust him. When he says that he loves you and that he can never hurt you, you genuinely believe him

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