25 Signs it’s time to Quit worrying, Because He’s Obviously Never Going to Cheat on You

Misty Renee Posted 10 months ago
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If you're one of those people who are in a constant battle with themselves about their boyfriend cheating on them (when he's really not), this is for you:
  1. You don’t feel the need to keep bombarding him with questions on where he’s heading or who he’s going to meet every time he goes out of the house. He makes sure you know all of this before you even get the chance to ask. On top of that, he will always run his plans by you. He will make sure that his plans do not overlap with the plans you two have made together. You know what? It will seem like he can read your mind and answers your questions without you having to ask them. It’s like that he understands you and you two are on the same wavelength. Even if sometimes, he is not able to decode your problems, he will always try his best to hear them out and he will try to interpret them. He will not leave you alone in this time of difficulty. He will give you your personal space when needed and he will respect your privacy but he will know when you need someone to put a shoulder on as well. He will trust you and you have to make sure that you never shatter his trust because in this world, it’s really hard to find people who trust you with all their heart. Finding someone like that is no less than a miracle.
  1. Every time a girl’s name comes up on his phone screen, you don’t feel that tinge of jealousy or insecurity because you’re aware of exactly who she is. He has already mentioned her to you before. In fact, you know about all the people he interacts with. The two of you are now familiar with each and every aspect of one other’s lives. Chances are, that all the people in your life know that you two are together and inseparable. You trust him and you know that he will never betray you that is why you’re not worried of what kind of relationship he has with other people in his life. You never have to worry about the people he hangs out with and the things he does when he isn’t around you. You are more than happy to give him space so that he can grow individually as a person and not become dull and dreary.
  1. In fact, if you ever felt like going through his phone, you could! You know all of his passcodes and he feels no problem in leaving his stuff lying around when he goes somewhere. He never acts protective of his phone or his laptop, because he doesn’t have anything to hide from you. If you two are living together, you probably use the same gadgets anyway and there is no material privacy in your lives.  Most of the couples nowadays are very protective about their phones because they always have something to hide. A relationship is ruined by such stuff because it declines the trust between   the couple. When you are in a committed relationship and are really serious about being with your partner, you will not be hesitant in hiding anything from them. Guys  who have no fear  of sharing their private life with their  partner  have no  thoughts  of  cheating and all  they want is  to be loyal because  to some  people loyalty means a whole lot more than some menial affair. These are the people to stand by. - Continue reading on the next page