25 things everyone deserves in a relationship

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Here are 25 of the most basic things that everyone deserves in a relationship.

  1. Getting treated with loyalty, dignity, and respect.
  1. A person who truly listens, someone you want to share all the tiny details of your life with.
  1. Amazing nights out, and even better nights at home.
  1. Conversations where both of you are completely present, where no one feels the urge to check their phone, where no one keeps fidgeting around, and where nothing distracts you from enjoying that moment together.
  1. The feeling that no matter what happens in the future, you both will always keep trying.
  1. Real laughter- this doesn’t necessarily imply that you or your partner needs to be really funny. It just implies that you’re both capable of discovering joy and humor whenever you’re together
  1. Raw vulnerability over pretense
  1. Never-ending support in the good times AND the bad
  1. Actions that match words
  1. A partner who prefers focusing on the present and future, not the past
  1. Complete faithfulness, without any doubts or questions
  1. Not caring at all about how weird you might look in your sleep
  1. Arguments that end up being healthy and productive, rather than resentful
  1. A constant desire to help each other evolve, to help each other become the best possible version of yourselves
  1. Zero jealousy
  1. …But never a lack of interest
  1. A genuine friendship
  1. The assurance that you’ll have a partner for every occasion, be it a wedding, a party, a trip, or anything you want
  1. Passion and excitement that actually lasts
  1. Something that feels more genuine and real than anything you’ve ever experienced before
  1. A partner who isn’t the sole source of all your self-esteem, but someone who helps you in building a healthy sense of self
  1. An extremely solid foundation, one that can stand the test of time and all the inevitable difficult phases of your life
  1. A person who knows you better than anyone else in the world
  1. Complete honesty- where you remain truthful to each other, and to your own selves.
  1. A partner who makes you feel truly beautiful on the outside, and even more on the inside.

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