26 Adorable Things Men Do That Women Cannot Resist

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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"When he plays with a baby!"

Men don’t express as vigorously as women and aren’t very open either. But there are some things that they do that you just cannot ignore. They make your heart melt and you look at them with puppy eyes. These are common gestures and when looked at separately are super adorable. Some of these cute things that men do are also their way of saying that they care. The hints they pass are subtle and the things they do to express their feelings even subtler. These are some of those adorably small and cute gestures that men perform that you won’t be able to resist.

  1. The Hesitation To Kiss:

When they really want to kiss you but are uncertain about your consent so they hesitate in making the first move: that perfectly defines cute. They just sit there nervously looking at you with a question mark on their face. The fact that they are being shy and care about our response makes it ten times cuter. Absolute surety is not always attractive.

  1. When They Try To Ask You Out:

“I was…uh…wondering if… um…if we could… maybe… go out sometime?”

Sure, a smooth pickup line goes a long way but it is even cuter when they stumble upon their words while trying to ask you out. It shows that they put a lot of thought in uttering those words and they really care about it.

  1. When You Take Interest In Their Interest:

It is adorable how their eyes glimmer and shine when you ask them about something they are crazy about. Their face goes like “Welcome to my world! Sit down and let me brief you about it.” Even if you are not as interested in it as they are, you would not want to make them stop talking because of how happy they are to brief you about it.

  1. When They Talk About Their Passions:

Ever been in those moments where the other person is so busy talking about something they love that they actually forget you are sitting right there? Isn’t it wonderful to see them being so passionate about something? However your terms are with them, you cannot dislike a person when they are talking about something they love so dearly.

  1. Those Bromances:

You love how he has a best friend who he loves so much, don’t you? There is something cute about such brotherly friendships and absolutely nothing to be jealous about. Women love listening to buddy stories and going on double dates. Bromances are vital and healthy friendships show how cool-minded a person he is unlike some men who abandon friendships when they find love. - Continue reading on the next page