26 Adorable Things Men Do That Women Cannot Resist

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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  1. Those Genuinely Serious Talks:

Men may never notice it but it is actually very pleasant to listen to them talk to a colleague very attentively about something related to work. They make you proud. You don’t mind how long the conversation goes since you like listening to them talk like that.

  1. When They Are Confident:

When making an important decision, you ask them if they are sure about it and they express their confidence and surety in the matter. You like how they are capable of owning up to the decisions they make in life and warding off all the doubts. They know what they are doing and it makes you like them more than ever.

  1. When They Say Your Full Name:

It is cute when they are trying to be funny by addressing you with your full name and then constantly smiling about it. Isn’t he the cutest?

  1. When They Try To Express Their Feelings:

When on a quiet night they sit and try to tell you everything that they feel about you, you find them more attractive than you ever have. When they are sleepy and say everything that comes in their mind including how they love something particular that you do and how they would never want to lose you. That’s when your heart really melts.

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