27 Signs you’re with a man who actually respects you

Misty Renee Posted 9 months ago
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Here are 27 signs that tell you you're dating a man who actually respects you:

1. Every time he introduces you to a friend or a family member, his short description of who you are makes you blush a lot because he never fails to exaggerate your best personality traits and your talents.

2. When you passionately express a strong opinion while chatting with someone you’ve just met or to a group of old friends at a dinner party, it turns him on. You might even catch him at the corner of your gaze, just sitting back, smiling, and watching you make crazy gestures as you try to establish your point. 

3. He turns to you for subjects that you have more knowledge of. And he will ask you meaningful questions on these topics because he genuinely loves learning more from you. 

4. If he feels like he’s the expert on a specific area, he won’t act pompous or arrogant about it. If anything, he always takes pride in sharing the knowledge he has with you. 

5. When you mess up or struggle a bit with anything in life, he finds it endearing instead of taking it as a sign of weakness.

6. He will consider it an accomplishment if he ever proves you wrong about anything because in his head, you’re right at least 75 percent of the time or so, whether or not you actually were. 

7. He will keep pushing you, sometimes even beyond your comfort one, just so you can pursue all your ambitions and dreams. That’s how much he believes in you.

8. He always stays as excited about making you orgasm as he is about getting himself off.

9. His sexual goals are usually focused on your pleasure instead of his own, like making sure you climax multiple times in a row, or trying out the new positions he researched that are supposed to feel great for a woman.  - Continue reading on next page