There are levels of things we tolerate in a relationship
1. Can-bear-with-this-all-my-life
2. This-needs-to-change
3. This-I can-only-let- go-one-time
and the last one

We often confuse all of them which ends up in either making your partner suffer but mostly making yourself suffer! So here are a few lines you need to draw or may I say, few things you need to say HELL-NO to!


A one time thing could be a mistake in some cases, to be honest, I don’t think cheating can ever be a mistake. Cheating is like the Mother of all the little problems that will soon start budding in your relationship. Someone who cheats one time has the potential to do it again and this time they will be better at hiding the tracks. When someone cheats on you, this simple act says volumes about how they feel about you or about this relationship. Take it seriously.
A person who cheats does not respect the honesty of your relationship or obviously wants more out of it, so desperately that they would go ahead and find other ways to get it.
Secondly, once your trust breaks it does not recover completely. You will unconsciously doubt your partner and it will leave you in a torturing position.