3 Things happy couples do to stay happy always

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Sometimes, we find ourselves looking over at couples who seem to have it all; the perfect life, the perfect aura and the perfect relationship. I realise that the common notion is to not judge a book by its cover since you don't really know what lies in the pages. However, some people just have a genuinely amazing relationship.

Keeping in mind that it is a relationship where two separate individuals come to live a life together, there are sure to be some problems and some nights when they go to bed angry or upset. However, certain things such as love and support overshadow all the negatives and they live a happy life we only thought Disney was capable of showing.

Obviously there are certain things which separate a happy couple from a struggling one. These things might seem relatively old to you and you'll find yourself saying, 'I already know this. Tell me something new', but maybe the fact that all you do is read and not implement them is why your relationship is struggling.

1. Being each other's support:

Again, you're probably thinking that this is basic relationship 101, but knowing that you should be their support and actually being their support are two different things. You vow to be there for your partner in 'sickness or in health' yet you find yourself getting frustrated sometimes. Don't just think of a relationship where two people need to support each other as solely being applied to married couples. If you're in a genuine relationship where you actually have strong feelings for the person and can't see yourself without them, then it applies to you too.

People have good days, people have bad days. No one, no matter who they might be, can go through life smiling every day. The difference is that some people are more expressive than others and this might be the frustrating part. Hearing them reply with, 'it's okay' or 'I am fine, I promise' and then just thinking that if they said it then it must be true. - Continue reading on next page