3 ways to know that the time is right to finally say “I love you” to your partner

Misty Renee Posted 6 months ago
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Is it finally time to say the three magic words?

Love isn’t always easy to find. You meet someone you like. You go out on a few dates. And with each passing day, you start to feel more intrigued. You notice how your heart starts beating faster every time you hear their name. You feel the excitement rush through your body every time you plan to meet them.

You feel like your heart might explode the first time you get to touch them. And this is exactly where things start to get confusing. You start to wonder whether all these emotions you’re feeling right now are the result of true love- the kind that’s really here to stay or if they’re just part of the initial excitement that comes with every new relationship in life- the kind that is bound to fade away with time.

So it’s no wonder that people remain so scared of telling their partner that they love them for the very first time. They remain scared because they’re confused- confused about whether this really is love, confused about whether the other person feels the same way, and confused about whether the time is right. If you want a solution to all this confusion, if you want to stop waiting just to tell your partner that you love them, and if you hope to ensure that the time really is right, then look out for these 3 signs in your relationship:

  1. You’ve been with each other long enough to know that your partner is not going to get scared away

One of the biggest reasons why we feel so confused about letting someone know that we’re in love with them is the stress that comes with thinking that your partner might feel overwhelmed. They might think that it’s too soon to hear that. And they might start backing off from the entire relationship. While this concern is completely valid, there comes a point in every relationship where you start to realize that you’ve actually been through a lot together.

You start to feel a certain comfort in knowing that no matter what the situations is, the person standing in front of you isn’t going anywhere. You know that they understand you enough to not be scared of anything you tell them. And even if they don’t reciprocate with an ‘I love you’, you feel a certain surety that at some point or another, they will start to feel the same way. They will allow themselves to love you back. And if you have happened to reach that feeling before them, there’s no point in hiding it.

  1. You feel completely sure that you’re in love with them

One mistake all people tend to make in a relationship is to overthink about everything they’re feeling. The minute you feel like you’re falling in love with someone, you start to remember all the previous relationships you had or the ‘love’ you felt for those partners at the time. And you start giving yourself a hard time by thinking about how immature and pointless all of it seems in the present. You start to believe that maybe this new relationship might end up the exact same way. - Continue reading on the next page