30 reasons, why I cheated on my wife

SB Posted a year ago
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When we got married, I couldn’t have been happier with my life. I had married this strong and independent woman; she was everything a man could want. The way she loved life and was always able to take her decisions made me feel very proud of her. She had the most intense blue eyes; her gaze would often send me in a trance like state. She loved to party hard and she always knew how to get her way with me.

All my happiness went out the window when I realized, that this relationship was consuming me, my freedom, my money and my sanity. It was just a matter of time when I fell in love with one of my female friends, love/attraction I don’t exactly know what to call it because I absolutely love her company! Just the other day, I decided to make a list of things that made me cheat on her, here you go!

1. She takes all the decisions and never lets me have my say, just the other day she went on and bought makeup worth around 250 dollars instead of getting the groceries, there was nothing to eat so, after a long day of work I had to go and buy the groceries.

2. She never cooks or cleans; well occasionally, she does make dinner or does the laundry. I have gone over it with her thousands of times that chores are not a one time job, but she never listens! I am always left with extra work!

3. She always takes up more space in the bed and almost pushes me over the edge. It has started to get extremely annoying now, plus she snores like a pig.

4. I once overheard her discussing our sex life with one of her friends, yes I have been a little off lately but that doesn’t mean she can go about discussing our private matters with people!

5. She is this whole another person when she is with her family, it’s like I don’t matter or exist! She is just not the same person.

6. She wears the sexiest outfits she has when she goes out with her friends, I mean I am her husband, who does she want to show it off to?