33 Signs He's More Than Just Your Boyfriend

SB Posted a year ago
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He's madly in love.

He isn’t just my boyfriend, he is my world, it started like any other relationship. I had my insecurities, he had his setbacks, but we soon realized that we were meant for one another. We fit together like Lego blocks and no matter how tough life got, it only made us stronger. I have realized when you are truly in love, tough situations only make you stronger.

He is my lover but more than that, he is my friend but more than that, a soul mate perhaps? I don’t know what I would ever do without him. Okay, here are a few signs that scream, ‘He is more than a Boyfriend’. I hope you guys can relate.

  1. You send him silly pictures of yourself

You send him the most ridiculous pictures and you don’t feel insecure at all. Early morning pictures; you probably think that you look like a monkey and you are probably right (Oh yeah, I mean pictures with no makeup on, completely bare skinned), pictures of your sweaty self in after the gym and, oh yeah, late night selfies when you look like a distraught owl.

But that’s fine, who cares? Just last night, I sent my partner the ugliest pictures of myself, to which he graciously replied saying, ‘Aw baby you look so cute’. Someone else would have dumped my ugly self right there. Double chin in the air, I don’t care!

2. You end up laughing your butt off each time you have an argument

You have trouble taking him seriously, which might be a matter of concern in the long run; because every time he tries to impress the importance of something, you can’t help but laugh. He has such a cute angry face, plus you know he wouldn’t mind if you laugh your butt off. You know you will get through it. - Continue reading on next page