35 signs he’ll never become your boyfriend

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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You need to stop trying!

Girls spend so much time fantasising about their perfect guy that when the first guy who is sweet to them becomes “the one”. It is important to know that there are thousands of guys who just want to have a short fling with the girls and as soon as they feel like she is getting into him, bam! They vanish. So here are a few signs that might help you to understand early on if he’s going to stick around for long or not.

  1. He does not share his personal details with you:

A guy who is definitely not planning to be your boyfriend is just interested in sex. You will know the way he likes it but you will not know the first thing about his favorite food. He will tell you how much he likes the physical relationship but will never get into a conversation that will lead to any kind of romance or intimacy.

Life with him will be like sex without foreplay. All the time and you will know that he is not the kind of person who gets close to a girl from the very first dates.

  1. You are not the only one he is seeing:

He will constantly mention an ex-girlfriend who he cannot leave right away due to certain complications so he has to see her once in a while as well. It is obvious that he is not satisfied by only you so a few other girls are hanging around casually as well.

But he will have a good reason for every girl he is seeing with you because that is exactly what he says about you to others. And even if he treats you a wee bit different from others, you are still his number 3rd or 4th because he cannot just live with one girl.

  1. You come to his mind only when he is drunk:

He will never go out on a decent date with you. You will always come to his mind when he needs a place to crash because he is too drunk to drive all the way home or he is horny and wants some action.

You will expect him to call during the day and talk about sweet things or take you out on lunch but that will never happen because the ex-girlfriend lost her cat and is crying her eyes out and only he can console her. - Continue reading on next page