4 Little but IMPORTANT habits happy couples have

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The healthiest of habits <3

A relationship is formed when two people come together and express their feelings for one another. Believe it or not, this is actually the easy part. The hardest part is to actually help in making the relationship grow and develop.

Think of it as a bond which holds two people together. The bond can be tightened or loosened; it all depends on what you do. If you don't love, care and respect each other, the bond is broken. People are sometimes left baffled over how things could ever go south.

I mean, it all starts off so well and then one day it's all over. That's the thing about relationships. They're fragile and it only takes one or a few mistakes to break years of effort and hard work. Some people don't even bother from the start, yet some people put in their everything. That's the confusing part.

Two different individuals who put in different efforts, ended up in the same place. How? The answer lies with people who have a stronger bond. You might have thought that your relationship was perfect. However, it turned out not to be. People, who have been together for years and are still going strong, might have the answer to this.

Often people complain about how they have lost that charm that they used to have in the beginning of the relationship. How they did even the smallest things for each other. It is pretty easy to do stuff for your partner, to make them feel special, initially.

You are in love and in that initial phase you would do absolutely anything to make your partner happy. As I've mentioned earlier, starting a relationship is actually the easiest part. It might sound hard to someone who has feelings for a person because mustering up the courage to express those feelings seems impossibly right now.

The truth is that it's nothing compared to keeping those feelings alive and consistent. In the start, we're just getting to know one another. Sure, you'll know plenty about them before hand, yet you'll be surprised as to how much more you'll learn later on.

It's because you two are now living a life which practically revolves around one another. This leads to so many problems because sometimes we get sick of it. Let's face it, who's like us? Only ourselves. Not everyone will share every single like or dislike as us.

Our partner isn't obligated to support our decisions in every matter. Maybe we're in the wrong or maybe them. The point is that they can't completely mold themselves to our lives. They're their own people.

Times become harder when you become so used to your partner and to having them with you that you unconsciously start taking things casually like you don’t need to do anything to further prove your love to them, whereas, that is the true test of love and partnership. That’s the real deal, when you are out of that honeymoon phase and have to maintain things.

The glow might dim as you realise that there's so much work to be done, if they're in a bad mood. They aren't just going to get out of it on their own. Literally, and I mean make this your mantra, do not leave your partner to struggle with whatever it is they're struggling with on their own. Even if they say that they'll handle it themselves, try to be involved in some way.

Caring for your partner should be your first obligation towards them. Remember all those feelings you had for them in the start? Yeah, well you need to remind yourself of those.

Here are a few habits that they shared with us and we would want to share with you. All these habits were found in all of the couples that were asked. At first glance, it might seem really cliché and you would probably think to yourself, 'I know this, and tell me something new'. However, you're here reading this for a reason.

You wanted the best tips and here they are. Even if they're cliché, they're what you need. You might have read them before, but you never really practiced on them or maybe you did but not for long. See, that's the problem. People forget to be consistent.

In fact, throughout this article, I cannot stress enough on the importance of consistency in a relationship. So, without further ado, here are the four ways to keep your relationship going strong:


Though it seems like such a small thing but letting your partner feel that even if you are running late, giving them a goodbye kiss is more important. That 'kissing them goodbye' is an important part of their life and nothing can replace that, and it makes their day and that happiness stays with them throughout. - Continue reading on next page