4 Practices of Couples that stick together till the end

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Most of us enter into relationships just wanting to get some temporary happiness and to have someone fill this lonely space in our lives. We do the bare minimum that’s needed to make this relationship work and when that stops being sufficient, when all the hopes and dreams we had attached to this relationship come crashing down, we are left confused.

We wonder for days what went wrong and why we couldn’t make it work. And we fail to realize how just a little extra effort and a little more persistence could have stopped this from ending badly.

Here are 4 simple practices of couples who have managed to stick together till the end. We hope you can incorporate them into your love lives and make them work out better.

  1. They work on resolving problems

Every couple has fights. You get mad about something. You try to keep it to yourself for a while, waiting for the other person to read your mind and ask you if something’s wrong. And when they’re not able to do that, when they’re not able to be the mind-readers we expect them to be, then you finally decide to unleash your anger. You say horrible things that you don’t even mean and end up doing things that you’ll regret later. And when the storm passes, when you finally calm down, you guys don’t really discuss the root cause of the problem. You already feel guilty about your unfair reaction so you end up keeping the actual problem tucked away in your heart and you let it go with a few simple hugs and a sorry.

Do you see what’s wrong with this situation? You never really discussed what was wrong in the first place. You never had a mature discussion about how to resolve it. And when this happens, the problem is bound to come up again. It is bound to cause another fight and maybe the next time it comes up in this same manner, it won’t just go away with a 'sorry'. It might just end up being the cause of your final break up.

Couples that last are mature enough to acknowledge their problems. They give their problems the proper time and attention. And they work together on resolving them. *Continue reading to next page*