4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Falling For Him

A Posted 2 years ago
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The time it takes for someone to move on from liking to loving often happens quickly and quietly. You don’t even realise till it’s happened so when you start liking someone and think you might be developing feelings further, it is time for you to stop and have a talk with your own self to know if you are really ready and if you are making the right decision to be with him.

We often get into relationships with people, thinking that they are just for fun and you won't let yourself get too attached with them. We judge them according to that temporary setting we have prepared for them in our heads, but many times we get too attached with these people and what might seem perfect for a short period of time in our lives could actually be entirely opposite for long-term.

Thus, I believe, when you really find someone you can see yourself settling down with, only then entertain the thought of being with them or if you feel you are starting to get serious about this person, here are a few questions to ask yourself to give you a reality check.


It is simple and the most important question of all the four questions. Do you feel happy around them or just the thought of them fills your heart with warmth and happiness or do they fill it with other negative feelings?

Trust me, the feeling you get instantly when you take their name is the one that your really feel. If it is good then great for the two of you, if not, it is better that you let this thing go.