4 Reasons why a Little Clinginess is Normal When a Relationship Starts

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Do you remember the first time you met your partner? That first date when you just weren’t able to contain your excitement, and when you got back home, the only thing you wanted to do was to text them as soon as possible to set up another date! The start of a relationship is one of the most beautiful times that you’ll experience with your partner. You’ll stay up all night talking to each other, you won’t wait a day to meet each other again, you’ll feel like it’s impossible to keep your hands off them, and you’ll dedicate all your time and attention towards discovering this new and amazing person. But a part of you will still worry about you getting too involved or about the possibility of the other person getting annoyed.

That is exactly what we’re here to assure you that being a little needy or clingy is actually okay and somewhat necessary at the beginning of your relationship.

Here’s why:

  1. You’ve got nothing to lose

It’s just the beginning. You really, really like this person but it’s not like you would just stop living if they were to leave you right now. So you feel like talking to them all the time? Call them up. You want to meet? Set up a date, immediately. You need to tell them how utterly amazing they are? Pour your heart out. There’s no need to control your honest impulses, become someone you’re not or start an endless mind game.

Just stay true to your feelings and see where it leads you. If the other person reciprocates, it will be a huge win and if they don’t, then you’ll just move on to the next one without much trouble.

  1. You need to get to know each other as much as possible

Just because you feel like spending every waking minute of the day with them doesn’t mean you’ve turned into a complete psycho. It’s just a sign of how interesting things usually are at the start, a realization of what a mystery each person’s life is. You don’t need to feel any shame about your desire to talk endlessly with your new-found love because the more you talk, the more you’ll know if you actually like this person, if your interests and world views match and if you can actually imagine spending this same amount of time with them for years to come. *Continue reading to next page*