4 Reasons why you shouldn't be threatened by your boyfriend’s BFF

A Posted 2 years ago
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Plutonic relationships are very real. I, myself, have a lot of plutonic friends. I'm very close to those girls and I love them to bits, but it's nowhere close to how I feel about my partner. There's a huge difference between the two. A plutonic relationship involves two people of opposite genders who are very close to each other, minus the intimacy etc. It just means two people are very close friends and they know their limits.

Plutonic relationships are often frowned upon because one of the two partners starts getting jealous for all the wrong reasons. My ex used to get very weird around my female friends. Keep in mind that I'm an insanely sensitive guy and almost all of my time was devoted solely to her, but she still had problems when I used to spend even five minutes with my friends. The girl I'm in a relationship with right now is an absolute angel! She understands. This article is for the women who don't understand.

Ladies, the key is to have faith in your partner and believe in the love you have for each other. That faith will not only help you conquer the fears that you have but will also make this unfavourable condition into an even better situation for you.


Don’t hold back from welcoming them in your life. Be nice to them. Do not instigate a fight, jealousy, envy or anything. There might be no need for you to be all that protective. Do not constantly keep having that small fear inside your head that they might one day start dating because they're such close friends. If they wanted to date them anyway, they would be together.

Secondly, making them your best friend means that they will think twice before going behind your back to be with your partner. Developing a healthy and close bond with them will encourage a healthy conscience for them.