4 Reasons You Have Found The Woman You Will Marry

A Posted a year ago
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The most confusing question that we ask ourselves a little too often – Is she the one? All our relationships eventually revolve around this question. We meet so many great women in our lives, sometimes things work out between us and sometimes they don’t. Even though they are great, not just great, often they are too perfect. Yet, things still don’t work out. Their perfection isn’t a reason enough for you to marry them.

Many a times, people who might seem imperfect to others can be the One for you. So what is that thing really that clicks between two people? Here are a list of things that will only happen to you if you have found the one you will marry


Whether it is a past relationship or a memory that has effected you deeply and badly, you both can open up to each other. You don’t shy away from saying out loud your true feelings, the feelings that have stayed unheard and unspoken for years and years.

You are no more afraid to take off that armour of stubbornness and rigidness. You can even break into tears because you know that this is the person who is meant to know all of this and someone who is meant to stay.