4 signs he’s a TRUE gentleman

Z Posted 2 years ago
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Every woman out there wants to be with a guy who treats her right, showers her with love and would do anything just to see her smile. A gentleman would be perfect for that. Being a gentleman is about so much more than just opening doors and sweet talk. He could be doing all those things just for one reason. Being a gentleman is more about character and integrity. He’s someone who’s above everything else, a decent human being. He treats everyone with the respect they deserve, and is especially considerate of his girl, in every regard.

Let’s look at the 4 signs of a true gentleman;

4. All women are honorable for him

The women in his family, at work, his friends, his girlfriend or even the women he doesn’t know all that well. Each one of them is respectable for him, in different capacities, but respectable all the same. He’d never do anything to disgrace them or hurt them in any way. He acknowledges their worth and appreciates them for what they all add to his life. He’d treat his girl a little differently, but holds all women in high regard, in spite of how he may be related to them.

3. He constantly reminds women of their true value

Simply put, he’s anything but a chauvinist. He doesn’t merely claim to think highly of women, but proves it time and again as well. With everyone trying to bring women down, he’s the one who truly believes that they ought to be treated better, and does so himself.