4 Signs she is The One to Marry

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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How do you know if the girl you are dating is the one you should marry? There are many common answers to this like- ‘You will just know’ and ‘it will click’ and others. I don’t believe them to be valid. There are always some reasons upon which you base a person’s loyalty, honesty and validity. Perhaps what people mean by ‘just knowing’ and ‘clicking’ is that you will see all those reasons one day and you will realize that she is the one.

You don’t have to rush it if it does not click any day. Relationships are to life like water is to plants, caring about them more than required can kill them.

If you feel like she is the one but you still want to make sure that your proposing her won’t be a bad mistake, look for these signs in her. If you see them in her, she is absolutely the one to share your life with.

1. You Two Can Talk to Each Other:

We are using a different definition of 'talking' here. Usually, it may be defined as listening to the other person and then replying, but here it is the mutual sharing of dialogues with patience and the mental capacity to listen to and comprehend the point of view of the other person. Being able to talk is being able to accept their views with an open mind and expecting the same from them. It is more than essential for two people to be able to talk, to be there for each other when there is a need of sharing matters and the problems with those matters.

One of the most common problems I have personally seen in unstable relationships is that the two people don’t talk the right way. Either it is the guy with an ego problem or the girl with an impatient attitude. We all have come across such couples and we can tell by judging them that one of them is playing their part wrong. Even if we, ourselves, cannot define the ‘right’ way to talk, we can still tell by listening to a fighting couple talk that he or she is being unreasonable. Couples have disputes and it’s a normal thing, but they are only solved when one of two or both of them decide to compromise to the views of the other. That is talking. That is communicating. If she does that and you see that quality in her, she definitely values the relationship a lot.

My own parents are calm and they can communicate nicely, and I think that is one of the most important things you should look for in a person before going any further with them. Without communication, the relationship is hollow. Even if she looks hotter than Megan Fox, my friend, everything goes to waste if you two can’t talk in rough times. 

Her artistic skills or her perfect eyebrows won’t come in handy when you are disturbed or disappointed. Talking matters and it matters more than any other factor. It is a way to convey your encouragement and encouragement is very much needed in every relationship. If you won’t tell your partner that you believe in them, how do you think will they cope with the atrocities of the world?

Many of us have a blaming problem when it comes to mistakes and wrongdoings. If she does something wrong and then apologizes instead of pointing out one of your mistakes that you made a couple of months ago, then she is worth keeping. Accepting mistakes and apologizing for them shows great respect for the relationship which is, in fact, rare these days. Continue reading to next page