4 Signs to know that you’re in Love with the Wrong Person

Misty Renee Posted 10 months ago
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It never matters how in love you feel with your partner. There still might come a time when your relationship just stops feeling right. The uneasiness and discomfort you feel at this point could possibly be the usual restlessness couples tend to feel sometimes or it could actually be a sign that you have not chosen the right person to share your love with.

So what exactly should be the strategy to fall in love with the right person? According to eHarmony’s vice president of content, Jeannie Assimos, it completely depends on who you decide to love.“If you don’t change your mate selection mechanism, you will subconsciously choose the same heartache every time. You will ignore the obvious red flags, believing, that this relationship will be different … but nothing changes,” she said. “The key to finding true love is to discover the mechanism in your subconscious which fits like a puzzle piece with potential partners. You don’t have to change how you act, your clothes, your weight, or your personality; you just need to shift your piece of the puzzle. When your puzzle piece shifts, you will see that the men or women you meet will start to change as well.”

Here is a list of 4 signs to look out for and confirm that you might have chosen the wrong person:

1. Your self-esteem is at an all-time low

Love isn’t supposed to hurt so much. If you see that you always end up feeling worse about yourself after spending some time with your partner, it’s definitely time to start re-evaluating your relationship.

A loving and healthy relationship is supposed to make you feel good and more confident. Unfortunately, the main problem here is that once your partner gets successful in diminishing your self-esteem, a vicious cycle starts where you will continue to accept bad treatment.

This is because you’ve started feeling like you can’t do better than this or that you don’t deserve better than this. Psychologist Alice Boyes says, “People with low self-esteem tend to be less confident that other people perceive them in a positive light. They doubt whether strangers will like them, and they’re not sure if the people they’re close to will continue to like, love, accept, or want them.” - Continue reading on next page