4 Signs That Indicate That Your Boyfriend Loves Himself More Than He Loves You

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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If this is true, it's time to walk away.

Everyone's dreamt of finding their Prince Charming and living happily ever after. However, we're so involved in finding the guy who we think is 'right' that we overlook so many things that are wrong about him.

For example; we meet a guy who seemingly matches our expectations i.e he's good-looking, he's nice etc. The fact is that because we're so smitten over the guy, we refuse to acknowledge that we don't actually know them that well.

This article will tell you about all the signs that indicate that you're Prince Charming is more in love with himself than he is with you. I mean, he's a Prince after all.

1- Everything's about him:

Sometimes you'll feel like you're not in a relationship with him because the only person he thinks about 24/7 is himself. He might put on a show as if you mean the world to him, but you'll know deep down that it's all pretend. Just to get you off of his back. You won't get that genuine feeling of love and care from his side.

There might even be times when you think that it's not him, it's you. Like, you think that you're the one who isn't giving their all in the relationship. Here's the thing, you found Mr.Perfect and now you can't believe that they aren't perfect. What do you do? You blame yourself.

Stop that right now. The more you convince yourself that you're wrong, the harder it'll get for you to get out of this toxic relationship. In fact, the more you flaw yourself and glorify him, you're enlarging his ego.

Stop lying to yourself and admit that it isn't 'cute' how he's so overly cautious of his appearance or how you think it's 'sweet' that he compares himself to major celebrities. There's a certain limit to thinking about yourself, however, once you're in a relationship you have to think of the other person or else the relationship won't work. - Continue reading on next page