4 steps to fix a broken relationship

A Posted 2 years ago
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Fix it before it's too late.

This is for people in broken relationships. Relationships that stand on such weak grounds that you don’t really know if you should give this another try or get out of it. A broken relationship is like a deep wound that is a result of constant blows to your soul and heart, unintentionally and at times, intentionally. It is a hard decision but don’t ever give up unless you’ve tried to make it work from every way possible because you don’t want that guilt to linger on after you have broken up. At times many relationships are fragile just because that’s the way they are. It could be a union of two extremely sensitive people or two extremely strong-headed people. So, at times, a few little changes can help you save that relationship.


You and your partner were not always like this. Remind yourself of the way your partner was, the way you fell in love with them. Over the period of time, small things condition us to adapt and change. Remember, these changes are a result of incidents and external factors in your relationship. Find that faith in your partner again. Believe that there is still the same amount of goodness and love in your partner than when you first met them.

Try looking into the past, try reminiscing the old times and maybe go on a few dates. Spend some time with him/her where you met the first time. Reenact your first date. Talk about the good old days and look at pictures. Just sit down and talk.

As we grow older and as more time passes with our partner we start feeling comfortable and as we feel comfortable, we begin feeling as though we no longer need to try anymore. So put some effort into it. Flirt around a bit and tease each other in good humor. Try to make the relationship work by going back in time.

Treat her like you did in the beginning of the relationship. Treat him like you did in the beginning of the relationship. That way it won’t come to an end anytime soon. 


You have been fighting for so long and nothing good or positive has come out of it, ever. Your relationship has just gotten worse. All those bad words, hurtful statements and raised voices will only act as those blows that I was talking about. It’s time you stop all of that. Now that you are trying to find the same faith in your partner, forgive them. Know that your partner didn’t mean to hurt you. It’s time you forgive them for hurting you so you can actually work on the things that have damaged to your relationship.

Have an open mind when it comes to mistakes. Yes there are some mistakes that are unforgivable but don’t drag the relationship on and make them feel like trash. Don't guilt trip them at every chance you get.

Next time there’s a misunderstanding, or if there’s a problem or a fight, keeps quite even if your partner doesn’t. Be water when they are fire. Balance each other out. Don’t explode. Keep calm and think for 10 seconds. Get her/him some water and once they realize you aren’t interested in blowing out your lungs over something miniscule or over something that can be solved calmly, they will step down too and the day will end on a much better, less exaggerated and probably a lot less worry filled note.