4 Things Girls In Their Twenties Want Guys To Know

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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With age comes maturity. No one can stay a kid forever, they can stay 'kid-like' but they can't live in their pre-teens or teens forever. Before long, you'll be realizing that you're changing; mentally and physically. You can or cannot be prepared for these changes but they will come. Now, girls change a bit more than guys.

I'm not undermining guys in particular, but generally girls undergo way more drastic changes. Like I said, you change mentally and physically. They might not be in coherence though. Like, I know a lot of girls who're in their late twenties but look like kids. Their time will come, however, their maturity has changed and that is the topic of today's article.

Men think that women are complex beings. If I only had a nickel for every time a guy told a girl that they're hard to 'understand', I'd be a gazillionaire. You might think that it's easy for a girl to say that fellow girls are easy to get, but honestly guys, we're real tired of this stereotype. I will admit, however, that younger girls are SOMEWHAT harder to get. They're in their prepubescent age and you can't expect much. Some kids might be wiser beyond their years but some are not. Yet, if you treat a woman the same way you would treat a girl, then you're so in the wrong.

Here are some of the things women in their twenties want guys to know:

1- If we like you, we genuinely like you:

You can only play the 'I like you, but I'm not so sure about it..' game for so long before growing up. Once you're all grown up, you cannot think that a guy is willing to wait long enough for you to make up your mind.

They'll wait if you have a genuine problem, but they won't wait around for someone who's just going to mess with their heads. I'm not saying that all girls do that, but most tend to. So do most guys but they stop after a certain age. Unfortunately, they don't think that women ever stop. Well, news flash, we do!

We realize how stupid it sounds. We don't want that to stay with us for the rest of our lives so we stop. - Continue reading on next page