4 things you regret after letting yourself go in a relationship and how to rise above it

A Posted 2 years ago
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When you are in a relationship, all you can think of is giving all that you have to your partner. Giving them anything and everything that could possibly make them happy. In this normal and initial process of letting yourself go in a relationship, many of us, including me, forget to strike a balance. We forget to set limits, limits that protect us from bending so much that we end up hurting ourselves. Hence, we keep on letting ourselves go in order to make that one special person happy and satisfied with us. Till we realise all of this, it is impossible for us to rise, also, it is then impossible for our partners to understand that we have done too much and can’t do anymore.

Such relationships often break but with such relationships, the break up might not hurt as much as the after thought for people like us. Where people cry over memories of the good times they had with their exes, we cry over the regrets of letting them treat us the way they have. We cry over our lost identities and our bruised souls. Nothing can ever compare to the pain of letting someone you love treat you like you would never treat them.

Here are all those things I regretted when I let my ex treat me bad and here is what I learned from those regrets:

1. The Compromises

Immediately after you break up, in fact even sometime before the breakup, when you can see where the relationship is heading, you stop compromising and start regretting all the compromises you have made as of yet.

You regret because you slowly realise that it’s been only you or mostly you who has been letting go of themselves bit by bit to make this relationship work. I felt the same way and I realized how important it is for two people to strike a balance in their compromises, not just how they distribute their household chores or finances. It is equally important for them to share the burden of compromise.