5 BIGGEST DON'TS of a relationship - Part 2

A Posted 2 years ago
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If you haven't read the first "DON'TS" article, read it here. This is a continuation. There are many don'ts of a relationship but here are a few that we believe cause most of the problems in every relationship. If you are having problems in your relationship, you might want to go through these to get a bit of clarity. Many of these problems might be a root cause for a lot of your small problems, without you two realising it. So take a minute to go through them. Your relation is worth that much.


As I have been mentioning this fact in a lot of my articles, involving your Ex in any way is not a good idea.
At times, we involve our Ex’s to make our partner a little jealous or at times we compare them with our current partner, either cases we are either harming them or harming ourselves. But the worst is when we don’t let go off our past and somehow keep in touch with them, knowing that it bothers our partner.
If this contact is bothering your partner then you need to decide, Whom do you want in your life, more?
Your partner or your Ex?


Lying is never a solution to anything. Lying or exaggerating might, often, help you out temporarily but it will cause problems in the long run. There are two ways lying or exaggerating can cause your relationship much harm. The first is when your lies start to get caught. Even if you had said them with the purest intentions, once they get caught, they are never appreciated. Your partner will slowly start to lose trust and then even if you are telling the truth, they might suspect that you are lying. The second is, you start to lie so often that you start doing it out of habit. You get so used to it that you even start to lie in important matters. Telling the truth might hurt temporarily but it will always benefit you in the long run.
It’s the hardest but the right thing to do