5 Biggest DONT'S of a relationship

A Posted 2 years ago
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Keep you personal life PERSONAL!

What if someone could give you a checklist of the things you are not supposed to do in a relationship? What if someone could just give you the key to all your problems? Here is a list of things that often cause problems in a relationship. Avoid those huge fights by following these simple things.


The biggest fights I have come to witness throughout my life is because of involving a third person in a couple’s personal matter. Be very careful when you discuss your relationship with a friend, it’s all right to share a few things with them to help you get clarity but not everything is right to share. You and your partner should have a few things between the two of you and you two only. Sharing the intimate details of a relationship causes people to take your relationship as something that can be commented on openly and when that starts happening to much that might at some point hurt your partner. So keep things personal!


We often start taking too many advices from people who aren’t even in the same situation as us. In fact, we often listen to how other people talk about their relationships and start to look down upon our own. I have seen many of my friends listening to a girl flaunting how her boyfriend got her something, this would make them feel bad about their own relationships. People who were completely content with their relationships two minutes ago suddenly become insecure and unhappy. When this happens people tend to react in different negative ways, they don’t accept that they feel jealous or maybe they don’t feel appreciated.
Whenever you hear someone talk like that, listen, but at the same time remind yourself of all the things you have and they don’t. Be thankful and you will never feel unappreciated. - Continue reading on next page