5 habits that prove you care just a little too much

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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In this world where it sometimes feels like everyone is out to get each other, where getting a smile from even the people you know has become a rare occurrence, and where all that prevails is a never-ending desire to fulfil your own needs, there still remain a few kind souls- the ones who’ll bend over backwards just to make others happy, who’ll make sure no one around them is ever in a bad place, and who have the potential to actually change the world with the love they have in their hearts.

However, this love and care needs to maintain a balance, we need to make sure that our kindness is never mistaken for a weakness, and we need to stop and amend our behavior at the point where we start to adapt the following habits:

  1. You try being kind and compassionate towards everyone but people end up taking advantage of you

You can’t help but be kind and understanding towards every single person you know, regardless of the way they treat you. Take a moment to remember that guy who keeps borrowing money that you know he’ll never return, the girl who asks you to pick her up for university every day and then finds a reason to ditch you the moment you both get there, and those class fellows who’ll only remember to say hi whenever they need your notes.

Kindness is an amazing virtue but you should remember to be sure of who actually deserves it and who doesn’t.