5 intuitions you should never ignore

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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We all know what a gut instinct feels like. That sudden desire to help the poor man you saw on the street. The pangs in your stomach when you feel like you’re making a wrong life decision. That voice inside your head saying that your friend might be hiding something from you.

Most of the time, you’ll be advised by everyone around you to just ignore those instincts. They’ll tell you that you’re just being silly and you should go ahead with whatever’s happening without questioning it. While they might be right sometimes, there are still some instances where you should never ignore the things your heart is trying to tell you.

Here are 5 intuitive feelings that can play a significant role towards your betterment:

  1. “I don’t feel well”

Before something truly hazardous to your health appears, and before your body is about to break down or present a disease, you do get some warning signs. If you’ve been having a slight itch somewhere for a really long time or if something in any part of your body just feels wrong, then don’t waste your time! Don’t Google your symptoms to get more paranoid. Don’t ask your friends for advice only to be told that it’s only in your head. Go see an actual doctor and explain to them how you feel. Our body knows instinctively when something is not right and these initial warnings are just a way to catch your attention and let you know that action is needed. And even if it does end up being a figment of your imagination, it doesn’t hurt to be sure. After all, it could be a matter of life and death.

Other than your physical well-being, do pay attention to your emotional well-being as well. If being around someone always makes you feel drained or depressed, then stop blaming yourself for it. Stop assuming that it’s just a result of your own intolerant personality. Listen to your heart, if your instinct tells you that these people are bringing you down, if they’re draining your mind of all its positive energy, then avoid being around them.

  1. “This situation looks dangerous”

If you’ve seen any of the Final Destination movies, you’ll know exactly what this instinct feels like. When something horrible is about to happen, one of the people there gets a vision about it and decides to leave right away. Of course, real life incidents don’t work exactly the same way. But if you’re driving alone at night, you’ve noticed a bike with two random people following you aimlessly since a long time, and you fear that something bad might happen, then don’t hesitate in speeding up and informing someone reliable about your exact whereabouts right away. Even if those two people weren’t dangerous at all, you should still make sure you’re completely safe. *Continue reading to next page*