5 phone habits that are destroying your relationship and how to get rid of them

A Posted 2 years ago
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This is a very real addiction!

The sudden boom of technology and new gadgets popping out of factories every month, we all have, unknowingly, dedicated most of our time to them. We are mostly on our phones. Whether it’s about checking emails or sending a message, Facebook or Twitter, It’s all there in this little gadget called a phone.
Gradually, we have let this gadget take over our lives and we pay a toll everyday by losing our relationships, especially, our partners day by day.
Here is how these small things are affecting us and how we can fix them with these simple solutions.


I did this all the time, in fact who doesn’t? We don’t even realise that we are always holding our phones in our hands.  This naturally makes us respond to every notification/ message etc. immediately which keeps us busy most of the time. Phones being in our reach 24/7 we use them to often help us avoid conflicts instead of addressing them. We don’t really put much effort in striking a conversation, if there is an awkward silence between the two partners. Slowly, we start losing ourselves and our partners to this little gadget.