5 Reasons That Prove Why People Who Cry Are Mentally Tough

A Posted 10 months ago
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Crying does NOT mean you're weak in any way, it's actually the complete opposite.

Crying has always been seen as a form of weakness especially amongst men. When people cry, they’re told to “Suck it up!” or “Be a man!” as if crying made you anything less of a man. There is a dangerous stigma in society that is attached to those who are emotional; those who cry often. They are seen as people who are unable to control their emotions. They are deemed as individuals who are incapable of facing the harsh difficulties that life throws their way. Crying is only ascertained to weak females or to babies, and no strong people should ever be reduced to tears in any situation.

There is something inherently wrong with this mindset because crying is a fundamental aspect of the human biology. Everyone feels emotions; some people tend to be a little more emotional than others, and crying is a manifestation of heavy emotions.  It’s a tried, tested, and trusted way of boosting one’s mood and relieving emotional stress. There’s a common misconception that people who cry too much are people who are just virtually incapable of coping with their emotions, when in fact, crying is the best way to cope with overwhelming feelings.

There are numerous reasons that justify crying as a perfectly acceptable social practice for the strong-minded. You just have to be open enough to welcome the perspective of new, and rid yourself of the old bigotry of grouping people who cry together with people of weakness. Here are 5 substantial reasons that prove why people who cry are mentally tough:

1. You face and tackle your feelings head on.

No. You don’t try to sweep your feelings under a rug and hope that they go away. You don’t ignore your emotions in the hopes that eventually they will fade into oblivion. You recognize that you have issues that you need to deal with, and you need to tackle them right away. You can’t afford to be complacent and let your feelings bottle up and consume you. You always put value in being able to express your emotions as they come whenever you see fit. You never procrastinate when it comes to dealing with your emotions, and so you end up being more free to do more things in your life without the unnecessary emotional baggage.

2. You are not insecure about how others think or feel about out.

You’re strong and independent enough to not care how crying will look to the people around you. You’re secure enough in your own personal abilities and self-worth that you know crying will not diminish your dignity in any way. Your integrity still stands strong because of your demeanor and people will have no choice but to respect you for it. You still carry the swag and confidence that most strong people have even though you’re perfectly comfortable with shedding a tear every once in a while. You don’t really care about what the haters say because you’re too busy loving your own life to notice. - Continue reading on the next page