5 Reasons Why Women Fall For Bad Guys

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Why do most women fall for the worst of guys when there are good men waiting for them?

Why do women have to have at least one bad experience before finding the right man for them? What explains their weird and unjustified interest in guys who are not right for them and can be classified as playboys or ‘bad guys’?

Before learning the lesson and taking interest in the right kind of guys, women tend to waste their time after those I-am-not-ready-for-anything-serious kinds of guys. There is something about these players that attracts women to them despite of the clear signs of them being time-wasters.

Here are all the reasons why women fall in love with the wrong guys:

  1. The Run:

Relationships with bad guys are like loops; they give you attention, a lot of it, then take it away and make you beg for it until they decide to give it back. Bad guys make sure you run after them and no matter how much you hate it, you signed up for it, for them, so you keep chasing them. When, after a long run, you finally get them back, that happiness is what makes you want to do it again and every other time he runs away.

He is the popular guy; most wanted by every girl and YOU got his attention. That fact alone boasts your self-esteem and makes you feel great about yourself. It even motivates you to do everything to keep him.

Dating a popular guy is like winning a challenge, and when you have won that challenge and experienced the thrill of it, you don’t find it worthwhile to go back.  - Continue reading on the next page