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  • 5 Reasons Why You Are Not Over Your Ex


    Are you sure that you are ready for a new relationship? If you are trying to think of an answer, it means you still have doubts in your mind. It seems you don’t feel 100% sure about whether you are ready or not.

    Your obsession with your past relationship can hold you back from enjoying the present happy moments. If you are yet not over with your past, this can ruin your chances of a romantic life in the future. So before getting into a relationship, you need to be 100% sure that you have finally overcome your past. I will give you a list of warning signs that tell you that memories of you Ex are still holding you back. To find out if you are still obsessed with your ex, you need to judge yourself against these warning signs.

    5. Comparing Everything With The Past

    Your idea of a perfect life is still attached with your past relationship. You are constantly comparing every little thing with your ex relationship. That is not a good idea. Instead, let go of your past and try to enjoy the present moments. Comparisons will lead you nowhere. What is gone is gone; your judgments can ruin your present and future love life. – Continue reading on the next page