5 reasons why your life partner might NOT be your soulmate

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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Out of the various kinds of people out there, I'm one of the skeptical ones. Actually, most of us are. The skeptics are the most puzzled sort. And while some people believe in heaven-sent soul mates and some dismiss the idea by calling it cliché, people like us are always uncertain.

Most of us have had a fairytale and Disney world clouded childhood that has led us to form fantasies. And that is maybe the main reason why we even entertain the thought of a soul mate in the first place.

Love is claimed to be one of the best human experiences. It is said to bring fulfillment and contentment to an otherwise dull life.

Being with someone who will reciprocate your love and stand by you for the rest of your life is the best dream anyone can have granted.

Finding true love, someone who is a perfect match to your mental and physical self, someone you feel connected to, someone you have a chemistry and a sense of belonging with is something we all think of at times.

There is a possibility that we all have a soul mate somewhere out there but that doesn't mean that there is an equal possibility of them being found.

Odds in this aspect are against us. There are many reasons why finding your soul mate seems to be a futile effort. And to prove my points here are 5 reasons why we'd probably never even find our soul mates:

1. Finding the one out of 8 billion:

The competition is definitely very rough out there. Finding one person out of 8 billion choices seems like a task that will require thrice an average lifetime. The chances of finding a needle in a haystack are close to none and same is the case with your soul mate. Out of 8 billion people in various parts of the world finding one perfect soul is 0.0001% less of impossible. I hope you get the picture that these statistics provide and understand the first major hurdle in your search to find your true soul mate. *Continue reading on next page*