5 Relationship Concerns Which Are Absolutely Normal

A Posted 2 years ago
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Many of us have the wrong impression about what our partner says and what he/she does is the yardstick to measure the growth of a relationship. The fact is that it all depends on you, how happy or content you are from it.

There are commonplace love problems which create skepticism in us about our relationships.The reality is that a number of these ordinary troubles are wholly normal. It all depends on becoming much more conscious of them and how to solve them. After that we will begin to comprehend our own potential to make ourselves happy, with regard to our relationship as well as our own self.

1. Marital Blahs

Weather has impacts on the mood of the people. In winter, less exposure to sunshine and continuous rain dragging on for many days may cause depression like symptoms. Some people keep framed pictures of flowers in their room or their desktop to remind them that the winter is temporary. Are you depressed with your married life? Is it stagnant? The feeling of love and closeness you shared with your partner is not there anymore. These married blahs can also be short-lived if we figure out how to identify and tackle them.

The psychological reason for not feeling enthusiastic is dependent on the human yearning for pleasure. A chemical in our body known as dopamine regulates our emotions, movements and our sense of pleasure and pain. When we are enthusiastic and very excited, dopamine is released and its decrease makes us gloomy and less enthusiastic.