5 Signs That You Shouldn’t Have Broken Up With Him

A Posted a year ago
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What if you really were acting a little hastily when you broke up with him?

Break ups can be incredibly messy. Any bad breakup can be a difficult ordeal to have to go through. Both sides of the aisle have pains to bear and even third-parties are affected. Your break-ups not only have impacts on your own lives, but on the lives of the people around you. They can be hurtful. They can be irritating. They can be life-changing. Sometimes, you’re not even sure if breaking up was the proper course of action. You find yourself questioning your decision to end things, and that can be very emotionally draining. You shouldn’t have to question your own feelings right?

But what if you really did make the wrong decision? What if you really were acting a little hastily when you broke up with him? How can you tell? For some people, they can be sure about their decisions to breakup with their boyfriends. Maybe he was an arrogant douche who just sucked the life out of everyone around him.

Maybe he was a jealous boyfriend who had violent tendencies. No questions. Breakups are perfectly reasonable in these scenarios. But then again, there are some times when you really just can’t help but question your decision. You ponder the thought of getting back together with him to give things another try.

Will it be worth it? Or was your break up with him the right course of action for the both of you?

1. You miss taking care of your boyfriend and doing things for him.

For any breakup, it would be perfectly normal for you to miss all the good things your boyfriend used to do for you. But it’s another story entirely if you miss all of the things that you used to do for him. You have so much love bottled up inside of you that you’re dying to unload on someone else. But the thing is, you don’t think that just anyone is deserving of your love. Your heart always has the one special place in it that’s reserved for someone in particular. You miss being able to express your love, and you miss him being the recipient of that love. - Continue reading on the next page