5 Signs You Are Being Used As a Doormat

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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It is most altruistic behavior to care for people in times of need and cater to them in every way possible when life shoves them down. If not in severe conditions then helping people in small situations, too, counts as altruism, because you would be taking time out of your life to gain nothing but only to make a difference for them.

But when your altruistic nature is taken advantage of and your kind heart taken for granted, it’s vital you do something about it.

How to know you are being abused? Here are 5 signs that can help you see if people use you, treat you like a doormat.

  1. You Just Can’t Deny People:

Whenever you are asked for a favor by a friend or a family member or anyone you know, you feel bound to say yes. Be it mowing the lawn, taking care of the babies for a while, cooking a little something or even buying things for them, you feel like you just cannot deny their requests.

It may not be because of your habit of helping but because of people constantly asking favors of you without ever listening to your reasons as to why you can’t. Maybe you never tell them your reasons.

Doing everything for everyone is not healthy behavior. You are only heard when you voice out your concerns, so learn to say no when you actually cannot afford to handle the given task.

It is okay to help people once in awhile, more than okay indeed, but it should not be at the cost of your peace of mind. - Continue reading on next page