5 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Doing Something on Facebook That He Should Not Be Doing

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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If he gets defensive about his phone, something's wrong.

In today's world, relationships can start and end because of social media. Applications like Instagram, Snapchat and especially Facebook allow two people who might know each other or have mutual contacts or be complete strangers, to form a relationship. People have a mixed stance on these types of relationships.

They feel that they aren't supposed to be considered as "genuine" relationships. Why? Because they blossomed online? Well, how would someone define a relationship? In my eyes, a relationship is when two people who have romantic feelings towards each other form a bond. The fact that Facebook was what led to those feelings should have nothing to do with whether it can or cannot be classified as a genuine relationship.

Now, where Facebook can give rise to many relationships, it can also be the death of more than a few. Being online allows you to get in touch with people in all corners of the world and some guys think that this allows them to form new relationships without their girlfriends ever finding out.

If your boyfriend tries to get out of a situation where you caught him flirting online, then you will know better than to go on his word that they didn’t mean anything. Of course they meant something, maybe not for him but it does mean that he doesn’t take what you two have seriously.

Sadly, we can't keep track of what's going on in every corner of the world and even though he might be your boyfriend, you can't demand that he gives you his password unless he does so by himself.

You can, however, notice a few signs which are able to give you reasonable doubt that he's cheating online. Here are some of those signs:

1. You're not Facebook friends and you don't know why:

Some couples mutually decide that they shouldn't be friends on Facebook in order to give each other their space. There might be another reason, but the key factor here is the fact that it's something both of you mutually agreed upon. However, if you're the one who keeps sending him a friend request and he always makes up one excuse after another ,then you need to know that something is up. - Continue reading on next page