5 Signs Your Crush Likes Another Girl

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Sally might be heads over heels in love with Harry but unless Harry reciprocates her feelings there is a high chance of the crush eventually getting crushed into nothing.

Same equation applies to every other crush and infatuation around the corner. It is better to beware of your crush’s whereabouts and activities rather than associating expectations with them and eventually getting your own heart broken.

To know where you stand in someone’s life the number one power to be employed is the power of observation. You need to judge the pattern of your crush’s behavior around you and around certain other people. There are a number of plausible explanations as to why your crush might be acting a little weird or different around you but one likely explanation is that he might be crushing on another woman.

Following are 5 telltale signs to look out for while judging the position of your crush and his outer affairs:

  1. Rumors are circulating all around you:

Smoke always rises from where there is fire. No fire no smoke so when you hear people talking about your crush being with another girl there might be if not all then a little ounce of truth in it. You might not like what you hear but listen anyways.

If the rumors in specific are coming from far off strangers who barely know him, then it’s fine to ignore them. However, if you hear the rumors with in the immediate circle of your and your crush’s friends then you should probably listen. It can be hard to learn that the person you like likes someone else but at least you would come to know sooner than later.

  1. His center of attention is not you but another feminine entity:

If there is the existence of that one girl your crush hangs out with a lot and barely notices you when he’s with her then there is a very serious possibility of something going on between them. You might tell yourself recurrently that your crush is avoiding you and spending time with someone else because they are shy of you or some other lame excuse but funny business is not that hard to notice unless you consciously choose not to.