5 Signs Your Long Distance Relationship Is Worth the Extra Effort

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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All long distance couples have to go through extensive periods of uncertainty- times where they become unsure of why they ever started this in the first place, times where they get really tired of all the pointless fights where they can’t even see their significant other to resolve them, and times where they start wondering whether this person they’re with is even worth all the extra time, emotions and energy that this relationship constantly requires.

If you feel like your long-distance relationship is going through these same troubles, then go through these list of 5 signs to know that your partner is actually worth it!

  1. The time difference between you has never affected the relationship. Not a lot at least!

With distance usually comes the added difficulty of a time difference. Whether this difference is just one hour, two hours or even twelve hours, you always need to adjust your schedule drastically to keep up with your significant other. But somehow, your partner never really disliked this adjustment.

They always felt that staying up till the darkest hour of the night is worth it just so they could hear your voice once, listen to your stories about the entire day, and feel connected with you on a deeper level. It’s day time for you.

You’ve had a good night’s sleep while they’ve been up for more than half the day but they’re still struggling to stay up and hear your voice for a while or see your face on Skype. This may not be the smartest move for them. They might wake up the next morning feeling extremely tired and cranky but they’ll decide to do it anyway. I think you already realize how incredibly sweet this act is.

  1. They really know how to treat you right every day of the year

Whether it’s your birthday, your graduation day, or even just a normal day of the week, they always know how to make you smile, how to find ways to surprise you, how to send you the most thoughtful gifts, how to take care of you the best way they can and how to truly make their presence felt even when they’re not there! The way they treat you leaves no doubt in your mind about how much they really love you.

  1. The people who are a part of their everyday life know who you are

This shows how they’re not afraid to be exclusive. They don’t feel the need to hide their relationship or be embarrassed of it. They like talking about you with their friends and family and they hope that you actually get to meet all these people someday.

  1. They share their entire world with you

Whether they’re just going to get groceries, or to play a football match, or maybe they just got ready to go to a fancy party, you will be the first (and hopefully only) person they’ll snapchat all the pictures and videos to. They always remember to keep you updated with all the tiny little details of their life!

  1. They’re always reachable

And not in a needy or dependent way. They’re not holding on to their phone 24/7 just waiting for you to message but when they know how much you’re freaking out over that presentation or test or job interview the next day, they will be there to calm you down and even throw in a few jokes just to hear you laugh. They’re the first person you call when you’re happy and the first person to call you when they know you’re upset. They’re simply your best friend.

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